Sri Prakash Synergy Art club students have accomplished a 20 feet M.O.M. made of Mount boards & Chart papers which reflected PSLV – C25.  The President of the inauguration Sri Raghavendra Rao, Chairman, Visakha Co-operative Society Bank applauded the enthusiastic hard work of the synergites.  School Director Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash in his speech praised motivated ISRO scientists, motivated and blessed these budding young scientists towards becoming future scientists.  Smt. Rajeswari, Dean in her speech shared many exciting points related to PSLV-C25.  All the teachers along with the students participated in the inauguration and made it a grand success. Bharat has occupied its special niche among world countries which already proved themselves in space research.  The inauguration of Sri Prakash M.O.M. in its’ school premises unbelievably looked as the actual M.O.M (Mars Orbiter Mission).

Sri Prakash Educational Institutions Viz., Sri Prakash Synergy School, Peddapuram and Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Rajahmundry celebrated Teacher’s day grandly at Sri Prakash Synergy School, Peddapuram on 5th September, 2013.

The programme commenced with the garlanding of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and cherishing his invaluable service to the field of education followed by a panel discussion on a burning issue of a modern education whether the student has to speak more in class room or the teacher which attracted the attention of the teaching community and the student community to have a lengthy and lively discussion.  Later there was a cultural fest consists of skits, group songs and a taboo on meticulous masters and dedicated disciples.  Rising to the occasion the director of the school Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash urged the teachers to read Dr. Abdul Kalam’s 11 points pledge everyday which would help the teacher to get inspired and ultimately helps the students get good marks.  He also said that if we create more opportunities for the students to speak more in class room, it will help us manifest the hidden talents of the students.

The director of the school Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash, The Dean of the school Smt. B.Rajeswari, the senior principal Sri M.V.V.S.Murthy, the principal of SPVN, Rajahmundry Sri P.Suresh graced the occasion.  Teaching staff, Non-Teaching staff and the students of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions were present.

On 29th July, 2013 a French Professor Negers Daniel from INALCO, France visited Sri Prakash Synergy School and interacted with the students in Telugu, French and English.  Professor Negers Daniel had been to Peddapuram during 1980s as a student of Social Anthropology from the University of Paris.  Since then he had been learning Telugu, translating many Telugu works into French.  He interacted with the students for an hour inspiring them that language knows no barriers of country and clime.  Though he hails from France, he speaks Telugu very fluently was the talk of the school. He submitted his thesis on Telugu Vyasa Rachna to obtain his Doctorate.  He has a passion for studying Telugu Literary Works written by different writers in different verses.  He answered the questions posed by many students patiently, explaining to them in Telugu and English going to their level of understanding.  He reminded the audience that Telugu language is the Italian of the East once again.  He also said that learning Telugu language was very tough unless it was one’s Mother Tongue.  Answering to a question he said that he learnt Telugu by learning from local teachers and practicing at home as a home work.  He wrote many essays in French on Telugu Folk Lore like Burra Katha, Hari Katha, Voggu Katha and Jangama Katha.  He also wrote an article on Cock Fighting which is famous in Andhra Pradesh.   Mr.B.V.Chalam presented an extempore poetic note on Professor Negers Daniel.  The Director of the School Sri.Ch.Vijay Prakash and the Dean of the School Smt.B.Rajeswari  also graced the occasion.   It’s really an inspiring day in the journey of learning to every Synergite.

Investiture ceremony was celebrated at Synergy on 24th July, 2013.  Dr.V.Vikram Kumar, Retired Principal &  Additional Director Rangaraya Medical College and Professor & HOD of Pediatrics of Government General Hospital, Kakinada graced the occasion and presented the ranks to the Members of School Council viz.,  The Heads of the School – Head Boy Master P.Bharadwaj Reddy, Head Girl – Miss.Divya Jyothi

The Prefects of the School – Prefect Boy Master OmVats Prefect Girl – D.K.Manisha, The Cultural Heads of the School – President Miss.Sowmya.T, and Secretary Miss.Tanmayee. The Liaison Heads of the School – President Miss.Sushantika Subbaiah and Secretary Miss.Aziza Tabussum. The Sports Heads of the School – Captain Prince Kumar and Vice-captain   Risha Das. Hostel Captain Girls – Ritu Panda, Hostel Captain Boys – Saurav and Hostel Vice-Captain – Farukh. The Heads of Chola House – Captain D.Sushanthi and Vice-Captain  M.Aditya, The Heads of Kakatiya House - Captain Tejaswi and Vice-captain Celesty Bhairagi. The Heads of Maratha House – Captain Vaishnavi Bhavya and Vice-captain V.B.K.Karthik. The Heads of Maurya House – Captain Sasi Singh and Vice-captain Satyanarayana. Rising to the Occasion Dr.V.Vikram Kumar advised the students to improve their leadership qualities as they are essential in every walk of life.  He also advised the students to develop the skill of moulding and adverse situation into a favourable one.  He also presented 3D  Success Mantra (Determination, Devotion/Dedication and Discipline) to the students Synergy.  Head Boy of the School Master P.Bharadwaj Reddy and Head Girl of the Miss.Divya Jyothy made their speeches reiterating that they would make this academic year a remarkable one in the history of Sri Prakash Synergy School.  The Director of the School Sri.Ch.Vijay Prakash congratulated the newly elected Members of School Council and said that the School Council is one of the platforms to train the future leaders.  The Senior Principal of Sri Prakash Sri.M.V.S.Murthy, Academic Director Sri.Seshadri Sastry , Professor Santanam and the Dean Smt.B.Rajeswari also adorned the stage along with the Chief Guest.  The Members of School Council, NCC students, the students of four Houses namely Chola, Kakatiya, Maratha and Maurya  presented a marvelous March Past to mark the occasion. Many Parents also witnessed this colourful ceremony adding more colour to the event.

July 18th is a significant dya for every Synergite as it is the birthday of our beloved Director Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash.  Every Synergite wished him “Happy Birthday”.  All the Synergites were invited to his office to greet him.  Every one of us was given a sweet box which made the day even sweeter.  Our beloved Director sir cut the cake admist the teachers and staff singing Happy Birthday Song.  Mr. Seshadri Sastry for whom Chemistry is a piece of cake was the first person to get a piece of cake.  Professor Santhanam who is a meticulous Mathematician was the second person to have his piece followed by our beloved Dean Madam Mrs. B.Rajeswari, teachers and other members of staff.  Mr. B.V.Chalam extemporized an excellent musical note on the importance of birthday to which our teachers gave chorus.  Our Art teacher Mr. Srinivas made a beautiful portrait of our beloved Director Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash.  It was presented to him by our Dean Madam admist a big round of applause and cheers.  Raising to the occasion our beloved Director first of all thanked all the Synergites for making his Birthday happier and said that we the teachers are the most blessed one as we always stay with the young and we always try to make future of our next generation brighter.  It is one of the memorable days of my journey of learning as I learnt simplicity from our beloved Director.