10th Annual Day Celebrations (BLITZ)

The 10th Annual Day Celebrations of Sri Prakash Synergy School commenced in the morning on 16th December, 2016 with Abhinandana, a function to felicitate outstanding students and winners of competitions held round the year. The distinguished guests of the day were Prof. Milenko Prvacki, Former Dean, Senior Fellow, Office of the President, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, Mrs. Delia Prvacki, International Artist and Founder, Deliarts Pte Ltd., Singapore, and Dr. Jeffry Wanko, Professor and Chair, Teacher Education, Miami University, USA. Dr. Jeffy Wanko interacted with the students of grades XI and XII and explained two Mathematical Puzzles. The formal function, named ‘Blitz’ started at 5.00 in the evening with a Welcome Note by Master Vatsa Shiromani of L.K.G and a Welcome Dance by tiny tots, tapping their feet, bowing their heads and joining their hands.

 Later the benchmark achievements of Synergy School during these 10 years were shown to the audience through an Audio Visual Display. The Guests of Blitz 2016, Sri H. Arun Kumar, IAS, Collector and District Magistrate, East Godavari District, Prof. V. S. S. Kumar, Ph. D (IIT, Delhi), Vice-Chancellor, JNTUK, Kakinada, Prof. Milenko Prvacki, Singapore, Mrs. Delia Prvacki, Singapore and Dr. Jeffry Wanko, USA, adorned the stage. The Chief Guest of the day Prof. Milenko Prvacki, Singapore, presented graduation certificates to the little masters of UKG in a colourful convocation. The Synergy Awards were presented by the guests to students who excelled in different fields and competitions.

The dignitaries on the dais joined hands to release the School Magazine ‘Pebbles’, a publication undertaken solely by the students. Speaking to the audience Dr. Milenko Prvacki, Singapore, Chief Guest said that Heroes are not people who fight wars, die instantly and have memorials, but real people who are amidst us and die slowly displaying dedication, vigour, discipline, care and education. India has traditional houses, culture, good education and technical talents and the students should carry them forward following human values. Prof. Milenko, himself a world-class exponent of art, saw art playing a crucial role in the creation of heroes and of progress in society.

Delivering her speech, Mrs. Delia Prvacki, Singapore, Guest of Honour, said that ‘Hero’ means a person who makes a difference in terms of acts of courage, making things possible that others think impossible. He has no fear, no hesitation and is adventurous in everyday life. Heroes are not born or readymade but are the products of family, community and society. Every child can become a hero by hard work, passion, and perseverance. Earth Education should be imparted for universal democracy and peace. Addressing the gathering Prof. Jeffry Wanko, USA, Guest of Honour said that The Teacher is the real hero who makes many heroes by imparting education and values. Sri H. Arun Kumar, IAS, Guest of Honour said that Education is not only meant for earning money but also for serving society and the nation. Through good education and values, every student can become a leader. Prof. V. S. S. Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, JNTUK, Guest of Honour, urged every student to imbibe good human values and make the best use of technology.

Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash, Director, Sri Prakash Synergy School, expressed the desire to see the student community imbibing good human values along with education. He commended the efforts of students for bringing laurels to Synergy in these 10 years and wished that every Synergite should leave a mark in the walk of life that he or she takes up. He also recalled the forty years’ striving of Sri Prakash Schools to impart quality education.

Tokens of Love and Special Mementos were presented to the Guests by Sri Ch. Vijay Prakash and other luminaries who graced the occasion. Next came the most awaited event of the function the Cultural Fest, through which Synergites focused on the theme “Morals in Movies” depicting the history of cinema from silent movies to talkies and animation and graphics-based movies. Synergites turned into silver screen stars reminding the audience of the importance of the morals that movie directors wanted to instill through entertainment. Synergites brought back eminent past actors to life through their action and dialogues. They showed the audience the hits of action and fiction, and the classical, emotional, suspense, thrilling, patriotic, inspiring and motivating episodes of the box-office record-breakers in the history of cinema.

The programme sought to trace the history of cinema, the latest of the technological art forms. The advent of cinema into India and the earliest of Indian movies, which could move people even without dialogue, were depicted. By means of skits and dialogue, movies as diverse as Indian and Western were woven into a mesmerizing tapestry that held the audience spell-bound. The guests could not resist tapping their feet to the music, a fact that bears testimony to the universal appeal of music, divorced from language.

Films of yesteryears whether rooted in the mythology of India and the Orient, or in the robust days of the Romans were unified to project the common theme, ‘There is a hero in every home’. Heroines who eclipsed even classical heroes were also represented. The modern hits of cinema like Titanic and Jungle Book were enacted along with snatches from modern Indian hits to bring home to the audience the universality of humanity and life, and the ethics that govern them silently but surely. Well-known heroes, heroines and villains of cinema were recreated by the actions of child-artistes, to the delight of everyone present. Humour and comedians shared the stage with the high seriousness of classical heroes.

Viewers were also treated to the matchless vigour and grace of Indian Classical Dance and Music. Lilting tunes, powerful lyrics, and vibrant beats were all in evidence. The surreal effects of Spielberg and animation in movies were well depicted in the final items to bring the show to a spectacular finale. Yet, an exhortation to discover the real heroes at home and society was the real finale, for reel heroes live in the fancy but real heroes live in reality, inspiring those around them to higher ends in life. “Every House Has a Hero” and the heroes are not only in movies but also in real life and everyone can become a hero with grit and determination.

Finally the curtain fell on the silver screen of Synergy with the National Anthem. It is no exaggeration to say that the audience was glued to their seats throughout the show. Among the viewers were the leading lights, Sri M. V. V. S. Murthy, Senior Principal; Sri A. S. N. Murthy, Principal, Sri Prakash Vidya Niketan, Rajahmundry; Smt.Kanaka Durga, Chief Mentor, Sri Prakash Synergy Kids, Kakinada; Smt. B. Rajeswari, Dean, Sri Prakash Synergy School; Sri Prabhakara Rao, Principal, M. R. College; Sri Shiva Sankar Prasad, CBI Judge, East Godavari District, Kakinada; Sri Muniramayya, Principal, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Peddapuram; Sri Pasala Padma Raghava Rao, and Sri Goli Narayana Rao.