1.    What is the School Atmosphere?

A)    Your child will have very homely atmosphere. Students are divided into 4 houses and they discuss like family members as competitions are held house-wise.  Also, all teachers are divided equally for four houses they are like parents. So, it is basically Home away from home.

2.     What are the disciplinary measures taken?

A)    Discipline is not forcefully introduced in the children but as a habit it is built in the hearts of the children. We follow the most scientific methods like Motivational talks by children in the assembly, Guest Lectures by Atidhis, Involving student leaders by rotation, Inter house competitions. Apart from this we have 3 P.E.T.s, two counsellors and Proctor Madam to counsel the students regularly about good habits and discipline.

3)     School Timings

A)    For Day Scholars school starts by 8.20 am and closes by 4.20 pm.

4)     How to pay the Fee – by MO/DD/Cash?

A)    Fees can be paid either by DD or Cash. DD in favour of  SREE PRAKASH EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, PEDDAPURAM. Fee can be paid in single payment or in 3 installments before 10 June, 10 Sep. and 10 Dec. respectively.

5)     Parents/Visitors meeting time?

A)    Parents visiting – Sundays, Residential children will be going home on 2nd & 4th Sunday.

‘House’tel children will go home every Saturday afternoon and to come back to school by Monday morning by our school bus only.

6)     What are the Sports Activities?

A)    Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Skating, Chess, Table Tennis, Carroms and  many more.

7)     Do you insist each student to participate in the Sports?

A)    Yes, we advise and motivate the students to compulsorily play the games.  We ensure that all students participates in sports activities.

8)     Who will supervise the study hours?

A)    The regular teachers only will supervise the study hours and also same teachers will take care of the students through out the year.

9)     What are facilities in the Hostel?

A)    A/C Accommodation, Birthdays are celebrated in a big way in the evenings, with cake cutting, all the festivals will be celebrated.  On most of the Sundays children will be taken out either for entertainment or field trips except during the exams time. à River bay, Annvaram, Dwarapudi, Circus at Rajahmundry (2 times), Movie at Kakinada, Garden Party.

10)  How can you tackle the Student’s Food Habits?

A)    Children are educated regarding the calories they are supposed to take and the nutritional values of different types of foods served in the dinning hall.  Also all varieties are served to balance the diet.

11)  May be some student like some other Food dishes, which will not be available in the Hostel.  How can you tackle? 

A)    ‘10A’ is relevant   ( Community Learning). Separate North Indian Food for North Indians & Jains

12)  Some students fear to ask you what they want.  But they call up and tell their parents.  How will you handle it?

A)    We have dedicated counselors which is a unique feature of our school to talk to children and have the history of the discussion recorded.  Also, the parental affection will be shown at all levels from wardens, Teachers, counsellers to head of the school. Hence, the student will open up and talk what he wants. One of the main reason why even class 1 students are staying in our hostel with full of energy in them.  ( No Physical Punishment)

13)  How will you identify and handle Home Sick?

A)    First the students are divided into small groups and one teacher will be incharge of them.  The teacher is with them throughout in their free time and rest time. They are engaged in a homely atmosphere so that they do not recollect them.  If any child is still homesick, they are sent to the counsellers and the child is positively talked to come out of home sick.  But this will not happen.  Therefore on Sundays they are taken out and other days they are ensured with sports activities like swimming, skating etc. which are unique to our school only. ( 1 teacher with 10 students)

14)  Other than school uniform, what is the common dress code in the School? Is it common to all the students or their choice?

A)    Night dress and house dresses are provided. Sports dress is also compulsory.

15)  What are the Hostel requirements?

A)    Hostel requirement form to be collected from office.

16)  Can you allow the Parents/ Relatives to offer Eatable to their wards?

A)    Eatables not to be brought as the health of the children get affected. Also, when they store them they give a bad smell and spoils the atmosphere in the living area as it is A/C Accommodation. Jung Food is not allowed.

17)  Is there any supervision on their Bathing / Daily usable items?

A)    Fore every Dormitory we have Aya and a warden and similarly for boys and girls also.  All the items of primary children are maintained by warden and aya. Other children also will be guided by the wardens.

18)  Daily washing of their Clothes?

A)    Dhobi is especially there for our school purpose only.  Once in two days the clothes are washed.  Warden takes care of all this.  The warden maintains a proper record of clothes being given for wash.

19)  What is the time for students to contact their Parents / Relatives?

A)    Only on visiting Sunday.  If emergency with prior permission only parents can meet. Weekly twice all the houstellers will be called by phone from school office.

20)  What about the student’s illness?

A)    We have a dedicated Doctor and can be taken care of.  Doctor visits every day and also we have understanding with the best hospital in town and any time we can take the children to hospital.

21)  Are you conducting any periodical Health Checkups?

A)    Yes, once in a month Doctor Checks up for general health, height, weight etc.

22)  Are there any Yoga / Exercise Practice going on?

A)    Every day Yoga is there and compulsory for all students.

23)  Why Fees are High compare to other small schools?


                      i.        Ours is the only school with Digital Classrooms.

                     ii.         Labs of very high standard at school level. We also have Maths Labs. Physical science and Bio science Labs etc.,

                    iii.        We have field trips as per curriculum (nothing is being charged separately).

                    iv.        A/C Accommodation. (4 or 6 bedded rooms – 1.5 or 2 ton a/cs).

                     v.        Swimming, Skating, Yoga etc., activities along with academics for overall  development of the student.

                    vi.        We are coming up with English Communication Centre and Social Lab.

                   vii.        Idiscoveri XSEED programme at primary level.

                  viii.        SAS test to assess the students correctly, timely and efficiently.

                    ix.        Student teacher ratio the best in the state 1:8.

                     x.        Class strength primary limited to 25, higher 30.

                    xi.        Athidi from various parts of the world. (take one copy of pebbles with you)

                   xii.        Best Curriculum for all round development. (take a copy of timetable)

                  xiii.        Field Trips – Part of curriculum, all arrangements by school only.

                 xiv.        Conducts National and International Tours

                  xv.        Abacus

                 xvi.        CCA Competitions

                xvii.        Lab Facilities à Physics, Chemistry, Biology are there in high standard schools.

               xviii.        But we are unique with Environmental Science Lab, Elementary Science Lab, Language Resource Centre, LAN Lab (Separate Labs for Primary & Higher), Maths Lab.

                 xix.        We have SPTV

                  xx.        All celebrations are done here.

                 xxi.        Swimming is unique to entire Coastal Andhra

                xxii.        We have Skating, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Yoga etc.,

               xxiii.        JEE & NEET Coaching.

               xxiv.        Yoga every day

                xxv.        Special Entertainment/ Field Trips for Hostellers free of cost like River bay, Circus etc.,

               xxvi.        Other school with the same facilities are charging 2.50 lacks above.


24)  What are the activities taking place along with academics?

A)    Art, Craft, Painting, Western Music, Classical Dance, Classical Music, Personality Development Class, Scientific movies, Power Point Presentation as Curriculum, seminars etc.

25)  What are the steps being taken for slow learners?

A)    Remedial classes through layering system according to their capabilities, counseling at various levels from class teacher to proctor madam. They directly come under proctor madam.

26)  What is XSEED programme?

                    i.       Linkup the gap between slow learners and quick learners.

                   ii.       Facilities difference style of learning.

                  iii.       Minimise the difference between various teaching methods.

                  iv.       Active work sheets for comprehensive assessment.

                   v.       Course designed by experts from Cambridge, Oxford  etc.,

                  vi.       Fixed yearly curriculum  schedule.

                 vii.       Through the practical knowledge every child can able to say what he / she observed and he/she can try to evaluate the same observation.



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