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Curriculum - Synergy offers education from KG to Std X, Plus 1 & Plus 2 and is affiliated to CBSE.

Teaching is completely activity based. All the classes are Smart e-class rooms, where loads of audio visual content is at the finger tips of the teachers to facilitate a very lively and interactive class room teaching, well supported with laboratory sessions to ensure that children have on-hand experience.

Periodical tests on each topic to analyse the content digestion are conducted and the assessment is reported to the parents at regular intervals.

Internet Connected Resource Center for each faculty member is provided where they can improvise their content with latest developments in the world.

Parent Teacher Meets(PTM) - PTM's are conducted at regular intervals where Parents and Teachers sit together to discuss the progress of their wards and plan necessary further action.

Field Trips - Teaching takes place beyond the concrete walls to lead the students into the world of application. They are taken to wide ranging areas like a bank, a post office, a poultry farm, a ceramic factory, a local vegetable market, a railway station, etc., where they are explained the functioning in detail.

National & International Tours - Apart from local visits, all the interested students are taken in and around our Mother Land to explore the rich culture and traditions of the land, be it South India or North India. And beyond India too - Singapore and so on.

House System - Students are regrouped into four houses, enabling healthy competitive spirit among them. Time for House activity is clearly alloted in the time-table itself. Many intra-house and inter-house competitions are conducted to see that students improve their mental strength to face the competitive world ahead. A Rolling Shield and individual prizes are also given away to the best house and the best performer.

Investiture Ceremony is conducted to honour the elected / selected school council members and all the council members take the oath of performing the assigned duties with utmost sincerity and integrity.

Discipline - We believe in "Seelena Sobathe Vidya" meaning Education shines only with good character. Corporal punishment of any kind is strictly prohibited. Discipline is given utmost importance. The cooperation of Parents/Guardians is sought in this regard to bring up a well behaved and disciplined child.

Individualistic  Learning - An Individualistic  approach  is carried out during teaching learning process where in the brighter students are given challenges with more application based worksheets and those  who require the attention/help are asked to sit along with the teacher.  Each students ability and inability is done by the diagonstic test and therefore the treatement  is different for each child.

Sports - A sound mind in a sound body is well trained through yoga, swimming, skating, running, gymnastics, lawn tennis, shuttle badminton, basket ball, foot ball and indoor games like table tennis, carroms, chess, etc. by expert coaches and PET's.

Music and Dance - Interested students are also trained in optional activities like Classical and Western Music and Classical Dance in an orchestra room and a wooden floored dance hall.