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Children of Grades 1,2,3,4,5 were taken on a fun, field trip to the famous Mirror house in gollala mamidada,20km away from Kakinada. This was to make them understand the puzzling topic optical illusion children enjoyed seeing themselves in various sizes and proportions. Their excitement continued even on the ensuring day.

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The recently concluded CBSE Table Tennis (Cluster – VII) Tournament was conducted at Sri Prakash Synergy School, Peddapuram, on 13th , 14th and 15th October 2016. The Opening Ceremony was graced by the Honourable Member of Parliament of Kakinada constituency, Mr. Thota Narasimham, the Municipal Chairman of Peddapuram, Mr. Raja Suribabu Raju, and the President of Andhra Pradesh Table Tennis Association, Mr. Viswanatha Bhaskar Ram, CA, who is also a leading luminary of the Table Tennis Federation of India.

Tournament Observer, Mr. P. V. N. Surya Rao, Chief Referee, Mr. Atchut Kumar, Technical Advisor, Mr. P. Venu Gopal, and 12 umpires came to oversee the arrangements and give technical support to ensure conformity to standards and fair play.

The Director of the School, Mr. Ch. Vijay Prakash, a firm believer in all-round development of children, spared nothing to make the tournament a success, which indeed it turned out to be. His hope of exposing the students of the school to sports and games at the highest level was realized.

The subtlest details of Table Tennis were laid bare when the practice of the game according to international standards was seen during the tournament. 350 participants from 40 schools from all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana competed for top honours in 12 categories: Under – 14, Under – 17, Under – 19, Girls and Boys, and Single and Doubles in each age category.

The youthful participants lobbed, volleyed and smashed with penchant, and displayed many nuances of the game, which appears very innocuous to the uninitiated. It was a pleasure to watch the players mix aggression with restraint as they tried to control the white feather-weight ball in its flight and bounce. The best of the players gave a fine exhibition of talent, skill, power and grace, for the game lends itself to artistry as few modern games do.

The Opening Ceremony featured a fine song by teachers of Synergy School, a classical dance performance by a girl of grade four, and an awesome Dragon Dance that enthralled the audience with the sinuous movements of the dragon executed by the power and skill of the ten dancers.

Speaking on the occasion, the guests wondered that Peddapuram, a small town in East Godavari District, can be proud of having hosted a tournament that requires the best infrastructure. It was only last year that the school hosted the CBSE National Rope Skipping Championship on a much bigger scale. The President of Andhra Pradesh Table Tennis Association, Mr. Viswanatha Bhaskar Ram, was so overwhelmed by the initiative of the school that he announced a contribution of Rs. 1.5 lakhs towards the tournament.

Member of Parliament, Mr. Thota Narasimham, expressed his pleasure at the encouragement given to sport and assured Synergy School of all support in future in such endeavours. Mr. Viswanatha Bhaskar Ram urged parents and teachers to encourage children to take up sports seriously because sports play a vital role in promoting social skills and an active life. The Director of the school, Mr. Ch. Vijay Prakash, expressed gratitude for the spontaneous support given to the school in its efforts to popularize sports and games. He felt that sport has to start from the grass-roots in order to become a popular movement capable of uplifting the country. The school stands for such initiatives.

The last day, 15th October, saw the unveiling of the bust of the 11th President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, who endeared himself to the people of India throughout his life and was a legend in his own inimitable fashion even in his lifetime. As an informal and formal founding father of resurgent India, the country has much to remember of him for many years to come.