The pride of Coastal Andhra, the ergonomically and exotically designed sprawling campus of SYNERGY, in international standards, is imposing and accomodates one of the best schools in both SSC and CBSE streams, which makes it a complete school. We count on student-friendly amenities. The Modern Gurkul with the availablity of the teachers 24 x 7 on campus is all set to make the right positive mark in the best interest of the student community.

Directors' Note

Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash,
Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash, Director
Today's World has swift wings. Unless we have "Wings of Fire", we cannot identify ourselves with the ever changing face of the world of pace. Synergy is all about converging energies to enable the youngsters to merge with such a world and emerge proud winners. Synergy is all about true values, often missing in today's global world. Here we are to 'Catch them young' never to let them feel vulnerable in today's confusing competition. Energise yourselves with the spirit of Synergy, be it the academics or extra curriculum, and you will always feel the change for the better, which is certainly better than the best of the rest.

Deans' Note

Smt. B.Rajeswari,
Smt. B.Rajeswari, Dean
Deans' Note A young plant needs utmost care, constant tending and fencing to be protected from being grazed by animals . This very plant when grown into a tree does not need any protection from animals but infact becomes a shelter to them . Prakash group of institutions protect, care and mentor the students in such a way that they grow into humble citizens of our land. They grow like the sturdy tree that can stand on its own. Yes - A life cast in the moulds of confidence ,dedication, zeal and individuality will surely turn out to be a successful and attractive one. Our school is this valuable mould. Children here are exposed to all the life skills and their lives are sculpted in such a way that they will emerge as beautiful as God had willed humans to be. The infrastructure and facilities provided in Prakash School will help children think laterally and enable them to make useful contributions to society. Let me quote Thomas Moore” Humility,that low, sweet root from which all heavenly virtues grow” unquote—this is what Prakashites will grow with. They will surely make their presence strongly felt by people around them. I deem it apt to quote Noah Webster to stress on the vision of Prakash School“If we work upon marble, it will perish; if on brass, time will efface it; if we work on immortal minds and imbue them with principles, with just the fear of God and love for fellow men, we will engrave on those tablets something that will brighten all eternity.”
Dr. Batchu Koteswara Rao
Dr. Batchu Koteswara RaoHon. Chairman
Founder-Batchu Foundation
Daivgna Ch. Ch. Ganapathi Sastry
Daivgna Ch. Ch. Ganapathi SastryChairman
Sri Prakash Synergy School